Things to do in the Natal Midlands

Locked away in the Natal Midlands are some of nature precious gems. Teeming with wildlife, history and adventure, the rolling hills, waterfalls and forests of the countryside will keep you entertained. Whether you're a history buff or the outdoor type, there's plenty of activities to indulge in.


The Karkloof Canopy Tour

Situated at the scenic Karkloof Forest Reserve in the Natal Midlands, Karkloof Canopy Tours are nothing short of exhilarating. The canopy tours last for two hours and will send you through various ziplines as well breathtaking views. Your guides will take you through eight ziplines with brief interval in between them. Some sections of the ziplines are 150m long and 30m above the beautiful valleys.


With the majestic Drakensberg Mountain lying nearby Natal Midlands has great hiking trails.Take the five-day Giant's Cup Trail in Underberg or simply take the less challenging Hidden Valley Trail in Mooi River. If you looking for a wide variety of trails then visit. From long and challenging  trails to easy ones, the Garden Castle Nature Reserve has everything you may need. 

Durban Skydive Centre

Fly over Durban's golden beaches, the turquoise Indian Ocean and the Valley of a Thousand Hills. With the aid of qualified tandem instructor from the The Skydive Centre you can enjoy Durban's skyline at a height of 8 000 to 12 000 ft

Mountain Biking

With scenic views, rolling hills and mountainous terrain, Natal Midlands is an ideal spot for mountain biking. There are vairious mountain biking escapades in the region. Join the Karkloof Mountain Biking Club or seek a spot for a quiet solo ride.

Take a historical tour

Nelson Mandela Capture Site

Located on the R301, this site places an image of Nelson Mandela against the backdrop of meandering hills.Assembled by artist Marco Cianfanelli, the structure is made up of 50 steel column constructions between 6.5 metres and 9.5 metres tall. The site commemorates the capture of Nelson Mandela on August 5, 1962. Mandela was captures outside Howick, on his way from Durban to Johannesburg. There is also a museum with information about Mandela capture and role in the struggle against apartheid in South Africa.

KwaZulu Natal Museum

KwaZulu Natal Museum is a sanctuary of all things related to the province. With are eight natural history and around ten cultural history galleries, the museum will help you discover KZN's history. The museum seeks to celebrate the peoples, history, wildlife and nature in the province.- don't be surprised if there's an event when you pop in.

KwaZulu Natal Railway Museum

Housed in the town of Hilton, the KwaZulu-Natal Railway Museum celebrates the history of the railway line in the province. Some of the items at the museum include silverware, an old steam locomotive lamp, and a train token system that was once used many years ago.


Founded in 1896, Michaelhouse is one of South Africa's top schools. Safely locked away in the Midlands, the school carries a proud history and tradition. The beautiful architecture at the school is a must see for history buffs. 

Wildlife and Nature

African Bird of Prey Sanctuary

African Bird of Prey Sanctuary houses a wide variety of raptors including leven of the twelve owl species and five of the eight vulture species.  The sanctuary serves as a hub for research, breeding and rehabilitation projects for birds of prey.  If you want to learn more about raptors, visit the centre.

Queen Elizabeth Nature Reserve

Situated in Hilton, the  Queen Elizabeth Nature  Reserve is home to  impala, zebra, blesbok, and bushbuck. The  Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife is houses within the confines of the nature reserve.

Albert Falls Dam Reserve

A popular spot for sailors and horseriders, this nature reserve is located to one of KwaZulu Natal's largest dams,Albert Falls Dam. Rated amongst the best bass fishing locations in the world, the dam hosts an international bass fishing competition. It is also home to a wide variety of birdlife. 

Midmar Dam Nature Reserve

An offspring of Mngeni River, the Midmar Dam houses the Midmar Nature Reserve. The reserve is home to species such as red hartebeest, blesbok, reedbuck, black wildebeest, oribi and zebra.  Fish species such as Carp, bass, scalies and bluegill fish can be found at the dam.  The reserve is also a popular spot for windsurfing, canoeing, swimming and mountain biking. 

Howick Falls

The 107-metre-high Howick Falls is the second tallest waterfall in South Africa. Go abseiling down or take a bottom at the floor of waterfall.